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Tools to Help You Eliminate Your Sedentary Classroom

Enhance Physical Wellness

Elevate Mental Productivity

End the Day Healthy and Accomplished

Why is Ergonomics Important for Schools?

Physically and Mentally Healthier Students

An ergonomic classroom is an active classroom. Active children show greater attention and have faster cognitive processing speed

Higher Student Engagement

Movement activates all the brain cells kids are using to learn; it wakes up the brain

Increased Academic Performance

After physical activity, students score a full letter grade higher on reading comprehension

Happier Students and Teachers

Active students have a more favorable attitude towards learning.  Teachers can better engage their students 

Sensory Integration Through Ergonomics

Sensory Integration (SI) is the neuro-processing of sensory information. As the brain processes and integrates information through its sensors, it is able to plan and organize behavior in order to make adaptive responses in the ongoing process of learning. However, where the brain is not properly receiving sensory input, and/or not integrating the sensory information properly, learning is belated. Learning is implicitly a neurological function and the capacity to learn is dependent upon neurological efficiency (neuro-efficiency).








Ergonomics allows for the simultaneous integration of multiple senses, especially  tactile, vestibular and proprioception   

As students take in and process new experiences through their senses, new neural pathways form and strengthen in the brain. 

If one sense is used in learning, one sensory system is activated in the brain, creating one set of connections with that learning.

If more than one is activated, multiple sensory systems are activated, and multiple sets of connections related to the learning experience form.

With more neural pathways, students will retain more knowledge and recall information more quickly.

Ergonomic Solutions

It is wrong to sit at a desk for 6 hours a day.  Sitting still, hunched over a desk is physically and mentally killing us, literally.  Sitting for 6 hours a day increases mortality rate by 94% and a 48% in women and men respectably.  You need to be active throughout the day and integrate all your senses, in order to feel physically engaged and mentally productive. We understand that there are tons of ergonomic products on the market that can help you, but we have vetted out the best products that you should use in your classroom. You can eliminate your sedentary classroom now.


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