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Therapy Ball Seat

Therapy Ball Seat

SKU: 0009

When a child sits on a ball seat, they are able to direct their natural kinesthetic energy and need for movement in a positive way, because the child on a ball has to constantly move his body to maintain his balance. Rather than squash a child's innate need for movement, ball seats channel their physical energy in a positive way, allowing them to focus on their work more completely and reach their full potential as learners. 


Sitting was never so much fun! Our kid-sized 45cm inflatable ball with built-in no-roll stabilizing legs encourages healthy posture while keeping the body active and the mind engaged. Ideal for ages 5-7. Includes an easy inflation pump.

  • Makes sitting fun
  • Built in stabilizing legs
  • Encourages healthy posture
  • Keeps the mind engaged
  • Ideal for ages 5-7

Measurements: 45cm ball.


    • 45cm, ages 5-7
    • 52cm, ages 8-11

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